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Building a successful startup and raising investment

is simpler than you might think!

How to successfully raise investment

How The Startup Race will help you build a

successful startup and get investment

1 – Focus on the ONE thing that really matters

Overcome perfectionism and Entrepreneurial ADD by identifying and focusing on your Prime Metric. This is the single most important measurement that proves you are heading in the right direction and helps you to achieve your goals more quickly and easily.

 2 – Be motivated by a League of Entrepreneurs

The League of Entrepreneurs is a Slack community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors from all over the world. We are also growing the number of local meetup groups where you can find CoFounders, Advisors and Investors near you.

 3 – Learn from famous Entrepreneurs and Investors

Our monthly Ask Me Anything or AMA’s give you a unique opportunity to learn from SIlicon Valley Entrepreneurs and VC/Angel Investors. Ask them how they overcame the challenges you are facing and avoid making disastrous mistakes.

 4 – Benefit from peer-mentoring group programmes

It’s hard to learn and achieve it all on your own. Benefit from a range of time-limited programmes designed to help you raise investment far more quickly than you ever dreamed possibly.

5 – Compete in Startup Races – not more business plan or pitching competitions!

This is only for the truly ambitious entrepreneur! In 2018, we will be running radically different startup competitions to identify the startup teams that can really deliver. Imagine you were #1 last week and you have just been knocked down to #5, what will you and your team do over the next seven days to get back to leading the pack once more?

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

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