Startup companies participating in our Investment Readiness Sprint May – June 2018


If you are an Angel or even a VC Investor looking for great companies to invest in, take a look at the awesome startups below.

Restone is an innovation company that creates value from waste rock. RePlug is one of its products that enables North Sea oil wells to be plugged in a more durable and effective way – Patent Pending.
ReStone is founded by Dr Kvassnes and Dr Clausen who have already raised £700,000 in grants for RePlug. Their team includes nine PhD of which 3 are Professors, a senior lawyer and a senior engineer.
Everyone deserves great local services. Vocal helps you leave a message for the person who makes the decisions for yours. It’s private, anonymous and we guarantee a response.
Our team have over 15 years experience designing user-centred services for some of the worlds leading organisations in banking, consumer electric, telecoms and automotive. We’re passionate about customer experience and our local services.
Curious Chip is a hardware and software startup and it’s first product is handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi that allows kids to learn how to build their own games and circuits.

Jason Frame is a software engineer with 15 years professional experience, having worked on international projects for large multinationals. Sukhvir Dhillon has an MBA from Strathclyde University and has self-taught prototyping skills, with the capability to take an idea and turn it into a physical working replica of the final design.

Update: Congratulations to the team for winning the £50,000 Creative Edge award!

HupData has developed a data analytics platform for Anomaly Detection, Churn Analysis, Recommendations, Time Series Prediction and Sentimental Analysis.
The HupData team is made up of Founder Marcus Estanislao, Aretha Serafim and Andrea Santiago who are currently based in Brazil. Marcus is a Data Scientist with Master of Science and Postgraduate in Human Behavior at the University of Sao Paulo and worked as research assistant at Decision Making Lab at the Queen Mary University of London.
If you are an Angel Investor, or are interested in becoming one, you are welcome to come along to our open and inclusive event, the Angel Investor Meetup on the 21st June at 6:30pm in Bright Purple’s Academy on Rose Street where the Investment Readiness Sprint participants will present their companies.

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