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  1. By discovering and focusing on your ONE thing – Your Prime Metric
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  1. Be motivated by a League of like-minded Entrepreneurs
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What is The League of Entrepreneurs on Slack?

The League of Entrepreneurs is a global ‘Virtual Accelerator’ based on the team productivity app Slack that you can access anytime and anywhere in the world via your phone or laptop. It takes you beyond the process being taught in the best US Accelerators and Universities to get you to market and investor readiness as quickly and easily as possible.


How can it help me?

The League of Entrepreneurs has dedicated Channels that are full of best practices, tools, resources, information discussions to help you complete each of the steps below as quickly as possible.

The Startup Race Process

Why should I join The League of Entrepreneurs?

You will become one of the top 15% of Entrepreneurs who focus on the most important things that will transform you into the Entrepreneur you always dreamed of becoming and accelerate your startup success!

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  • Leverage the power of Target Fixation and use it EVERY day!
  • Forget MVP! Learn how creating and selling your Minimum Revenue Product will give you the answers you need
  • Identify the most critical area you need to focus on and succeed in every day
  • Overcome the Number One Cause of Failure and be the awesome team you NEED to be


What is Slack?

Slack is basically a messaging app that has a whole host of attributes that most messaging apps lack – including email and other forms of communication, whether new or taditional.


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