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Trust My Pet Sitter Logo


Picture of Angel Fagan, CoFounder and CEO at Trust my Pet Sitter
Angel Fagan, CoFounder and CEO at Trust my Pet Sitter

I often struggled to find suitable care for my pets when travelling, especially for holidays and at short notice. It wasn’t always easy to find a family member or friend to watch them. Often planned getaways were put on hold as suitable arrangement couldn’t be found. I thought there must be a better way of doing this, could I find someone trustworthy to come to my home and look after the pets? Combining a House Sitter with a Pet Sitter? Beta trial feedback was a resounding success. That’s when I created Trust My Pet Sitter!

Picture of Shamus Fitzsimons, Co-Founder and CCO at Trust my Pet SItter
Shamus Fitzsimons, Co-Founder and CCO at Trust my Pet SItter
Picture of Sinead Fitzsimons, Social Media Consultant
Sinead Fitzsimons, Social Media Consultant

Study Square Logo


Image of Jonas Virsilas
Jonas Virsilas

With a passion for teaching from an early age I have started tutoring at the beginning of my studies at the University of Edinburgh. Soon I have moved all of my lessons online and I have created a website to store questions that I could reuse during my lessons to increase my productivity. Over the years I have enhanced my website with personalised revision pages, booking and feedback platform. Now I want to help other tutors, tutoring agencies and students to succeed in tutoring and revision by providing ready-to-use student resources for a fraction of tutoring cost.



Image of Nish
Nishant Sharma, Founder and Director Le Monsieur Ltd

In the process of building my jeep business, during my market research I found a gap in the market. There are handful of companies selling vegan, bespoke Scottish and English day to day positive and funny clothing. I wanted to take the initiative to build a brand which is sustainable and ethical, it was part of the merchandising for the jeep business but due to Le Monsieur unique concept, I decided to build a brand from ground up which stands to its true value and to which people can connect with. Clothing industry is so overrated with anything that can be called fashion if there is a label attached. My vision is to create an independent brand which is affordable, fashionable, funny and ethical.

CallWallet logo


Image of Kevin Trapp
Kevin Trapp Founder and CEO of Call Wallet

I’ve been in sales for 15 years and it’s all about relationships. Speaking to your contacts is unarguably necessary to nurture relationships and will keep the finger on the pulse of selling. I travel by car at least one hour per week often more and am frustrated by time spent unproductively. I am also a firm believer that CRM platform are critical to the growth and efficient scaling of a business. And so I created CallWallet. The only app which takes key details from your CRM contacts, allows a call list to be created which in turn gives handsfree access to those details with automated dialling. Voice controlled while driving and dynamically updating the CRM with call outcome and setting diary tasks.

Mike Carter
Mike Carter
Guy Mitchell
Guy Mitchell

My Probate Partner Logo


Image of Mike Davis, Founder & CEO
Mike Davis, Founder & CEO at My Probate Partner

Whilst working in the family legal auditing business, Mike realised how untouched the estate administration industry is by technology. Estate administration is the process of settling someone’s affairs after they pass away. We intend to revolutionise this archaic and inefficient industry that adds unnecessary stress and cost to families at an already very tough time. In June 2019, we were accepted on to the Seed Haus Accelerator and raised £30,000. We tested a prototype in October which wasn’t quite right. We have now taken our learnings and re-purposed our 1st product for a smaller (B2C) niche which went live on Tuesday 14th January. We will begin work on converting it to a SaaS product for law firms imminently.

Avatar image of team member
Pete Thurston, Lead Developer
Avatar image of team member
Helen Turner, Head of Marketing

Logo of Very Cards


Image of Jonas Virsilas
Jonas Virsilas

Digital business cards is clearly the future. However, most of current digital business cards websites not only offer solutions with outdated designs, yet they are hugely overpriced. VeryCards.com is a modern, simple and affordable platform to create a digital business card. With plans starting just at £1/month (billed yearly), we provide the most important features of digital business cards that can empower many of us to succeed in our businesses via a digital presence.

Logo of Hyco


Image of Gauthier Collas
Gauthier Collas Founder at Hyco

Sustainability should not come at the expense of efficiency. Small and local stakeholders in the food industry need to adapt their processes to meet consumer expectations and new standards about packaging waste.

Hyco aims to provide solutions to farmers and food stores and enable this ecosystem to be more sustainable, and more efficient.

We are currently defining the road map to prove the concept.

Trapar Logo


Image of Aldin Wilson, Founder and CEO at Trapar
Aldin Wilson, Founder and CEO at Trapar

TraPar is the product of my experiences as a transport manager and driver in the British Army as well as independently. From managing the transport of goods and passengers I discovered that small commercial vehicle operators face real challenges in handling bookings, automating their workflows, and using their vehicles efficiently.

As a result, I started TraPar with a simple aim – to provide easy and affordable access to all aspects of efficient booking and vehicle fleet management. It is designed to support local commercial vehicle operators in conveniently handling bookings and providing seamless transport service.

Image of Steven Faseyiku
Steven Faseyiku, Sales Manager
Image of Pierre Adamopoulos, Project Manager
Pierre Adamopoulos, Project Manager

Temp Logo of Harris Leads


Image of Moira Bennett
Moira Bennett Founder at Harris Leads

Harris Leads is a bespoke pet ware brand using the finest hand woven Harris Tweed. My cousin Scott Bennett a retired engineer, bought a vintage loom (for a bottle of whiskey! as you do on the Isle of Harris) and lovingly restored the loom to its original glory. After a lengthy 3 year process the fabric Scott produces by hand has now been approved for use by the Harris Tweed authority.

The wool fabrics are top quality ecologically sustainable from our happy local black faced sheep. Our sheep live on the beach with their friends and family, and can be seen grazing outside the windows from his beachside loom at Scarista Beach, The Isle of Harris. They have a lovely life and are treated with the utmost respect.

The wool is sent down to me in Edinburgh where I lovingly turn it into cat and dog collars, leads, coats, harnesses, bow ties, ties, and bandanas. The items will be hand made for each pet, and upon request, will have the pet’s name embroidered – along with the Harris Tweed Logo of course.