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Finding it hard to raise investment?

Want to increase your chances of raising investment the first time you try by learning from VC and Angel investors?

Want a guaranteed opportunity to pitch to a group of investors and maybe get an investment deal within a few months?

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99% of startups are rejected because of common mistakes:

  1. They target the wrong investors
  2. They don’t know how to raise investment
  3. The standard of competition is higher
  4. They lack meaningful traction
  5. They are fixated on building their solution

Want to increase your chances of raising investment?

The Investment Readiness Sprint increases your chances of raising investment by:

  1. Enabling you to identify the Prime Metric for your startup.
  2. Helping you establish meaningful traction.
  3. Helping you to identify appropriate investors.
  4. Helping you invest in the right investor relationships.
  5. Getting investors attention by showcasing your results.
James keeps me brave and moving forward.

During the last year our company have raised over £600k and are closing deals with investors. Astri Kvassness

CEO, ReStone AS

Our three-month Investment Readiness Sprint will provide you with:

  • A programme of two-week sprints to help you achieve each of the fundraising steps more easily and quickly
  • A group of like-minded entrepreneurs to inspire, support and encourage you in taking action
  • The opportunity to ask Silicon Valley Angel Investors and VC’s your fundraising questions
  • A weekly peer-mentoring/accountabilty group to help you build/measure/learn
What gets an investor’s attention above everything else is traction. If you walk into an investor’s office with the beginnings of a hockey-stick curve, you’ll trigger a Pavlovian response — they’ll sit you down and try to understand the rest of your business model story. Ash Maura

Author, Scaling Lean

The Investment Readiness Sprint programme:

In the Bootcamp session we will:

  • Identify your Prime Metric,
  • Help you to establish a Minimum Revenue Product
  • Kickstart your Hockey Stick growth via our Traction App
  • Arrange weekly 1.5 hour Scrum sessions (Group video call – day/time decided to suit participants)


Our radical process

Bespoke Action Plans: Each participant works out where they are in regards the three most important investment readiness areas and creates two-week sprints – action plans to improve each area.

Prime Metric ‘Traction App’: Use our tool to focus on and achieve traction each week to get paying customers

Exclusive ‘Ask Me Anything’ Sessions: With Silicon Valley Investors & Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Showcase to Investors: Demonstrate to Investors the progress you made in eight weeks rather than hinging everything on your charismatic story telling abilities.


Our Unique Agile Methodology

Want to Raise Investment for Your Startup?

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