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The World’s #1 ‘Investment Readiness’ Slack group – for Entrepreneurs who want to increase the valuation of their startup, increase their chances of raising investment and get a better deal.

How can The League of Entrepreneurs on Slack help you to raise investment?

  1. Do you want to use systems and resources that really help you to improve the areas that really matter?
  2. Do you want access to consult a global community of Entrepreneurs and Investors via the Slack apps for your mobile phone and laptop
  3. Would you like the opportunity to ask Angel, VC Investors and Serial Entrepreneurs your fundraising questions via our online Ask Me Anything events?

Research shows 99% of Startup Founders seeking investment are rejected by Angel Syndicates because:

  1. They are not an effective team
  2. They struggle to get meaningful traction
  3. They fail to focus on their ONE thing – Their Prime Metric

What is The League of Entrepreneurs?

The League of Entrepreneurs is a global ‘Virtual Accelerator’ based on the team productivity app Slack that you can access anytime and anywhere in the world via your phone or laptop. It takes you beyond the process being taught in the best US Accelerators and Universities to get you to market and investor readiness as quickly and easily as possible.


The League of Entrepreneurs has dedicated Channels that are full of best practices, tools, resources, information discussions about each of the steps below.

The Startup Race Steps to Success


Step 1

Download and use the Slack App every day

  • Leverage the power of Target Fixation and use it EVERY day!
  • Forget MVP! Learn how creating and selling your Minimum Revenue Product will give you the answers you need
  • We help you identify the most critical area you need to focus on and succeed in every day
  • We help you to overcome the Number One Cause of Failure and be the awesome team you NEED to be

Step 2

Set and Track Goals

  • Identify and set the most important goal for the growth of your startup
  • Determine the single metric that will demonstrate you have the right traction
  • Identify what is slowing down your traction and deal with it

Step 3

Access Priceless Information

  • We provide you with cutting edge information that gives the simplest and fastest path to success
  • We help you to implement the latest thinking from the world’s smartest entrepreneurs
  • We help you to discover what Investors are REALLY looking for and ensure you have ticked all the right boxes before you start pitching to them

Step 4

Join a Like-Minded Community of Peers

  • You can learn from serial entrepreneurs who’ve made all the mistakes already
  • You can ask advice and share knowledge with each other

Step 5

Gain Objective Feedback

  • You can ask our community to give you feedback on your business model assumptions
  • You can ask our community to evaluate your creatives before you make them live

Step 6

Attend Online Events

  • ‘Ask Me Anything’ Slack events with successful entrepreneurs and domain experts
  • Live streaming via Zoom or recorded via Google Hangouts on Air

Step 7


  • Discover mentors for your startup from around the world
  • Free calls with your Mentors via Slack

Step 8

Free Legal Documents

  • Example collaboration agreements
  • Example vesting agreements
  • Example shareholding agreements
  • Example contacts and terms & conditions

Step 9

Get the Attention of Investors

  • Nothing impresses investors more than Traction
  • Tractions, such as Visistor/Customer conversion is an indicator of Product/Market Fit
  • It’s also compelling evidence that you are an effective, investible team

Step 10


  • Sharing your goals and deadlines will increase will increase the likelihood of achieving them
  • Benchmark your achievements with others and improve your performance

Step 11

Ease of Access

  • Download and allow the Slack app to enable live chat with other entrepreneurs and get instant updates
  • Always online – communicate with the community via your smart phone wherever you are

How can The League of Entrepreneurs accelerate your startup success?

Because you CAN afford it

Participation in a physical accelerator would cost you over £60,000 in equity – membership in The League of Entrepreneurs costs only £399/year.


You can cancel aand get your money back within 30 days if:


  1. You are not ready to grow your startup
  2. You think you can manage on your own
  3. You are not fully committed to growing your startup quickly