Want to raise investment for your startup?

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Want to raise investment for your startup?

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  1. A programme to help you quickly become investment ready
  2. Free membership in ‘The League of Entrepreneurs on Slack’
  3. The opportunity to ask Investors your fundraising questions
  4. Weekly peer-mentoring group of like-minded entrepreneurs
  5. Free access to resources to identify your ideal investors
  6. Our unique ‘Traction App’ to help you impress Investors
  7. An guaranteed opportunity to pitch to a group of Investors

“What gets an investor’s attention above everything else is traction. If you walk into an investor’s office with the beginnings of a hockey-stick curve, you’ll trigger a Pavlovian response — they’ll sit you down and try to understand the rest of your business model story.” Ash Maurya – Scaling Lean

Warning – This programme does not guarantee an investment deal!

If you fully apply the principles in the eight-week pogramme, then you will have increased your Investment Readiness and thus your chances of raising investment.

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